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Santa's really good at bringing sweaters and Legos, but when it comes to cooking up a Christmas feast, he never seems to come through -- instead we're left to our own devices, leaving our kitchens looking like the aftermath of the Animal House food fight scene. If you’re even considering going the cooking route, do yourself a favor and forget it right now. Instead, head out into the world for a fine meal prepared by a trained chef in an actual restaurant. Here are 15 special Christmas Day meals around LA to consider, in celebration of both the holiday and the fact you can go home to an empty dishwasher.

Castaway, Burbank
The hill-perched behemoth unveiled its $10-million remodel earlier this year, giving it a more modern look and multi-level seating that’s excellent for valley viewing. The Christmas Day brunch blends buffet-style stations including sushi, raw bar, charcuterie, and a carving station with a three-course menu. Choices include charred octopus, cornflake-crusted crab cakes, lobster & waffles, and roast turkey with fixings finished up with a mini-dessert selection. Diners must have overstayed their welcomes during holidays past, since there’s a two-hour limit noted on the menu.
Details: $79 adults, $35 children; 11am to 3pm. Reservations here

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